October 14, 2019

Agency History

Our Agency's Founder and MentorTrustedChoice.gif

Henry Cerullo was the epitome of a Trusted Choice Agent and known in the Industry as a genuine "Class Act." Henry M. Cerullo founded The Commercial Agency, Inc. in 1970 after first working for Atlantic Mutual and later for Employers Insurance of Wausau. Henry received many accolades and was a top salesman for Wausau. In starting the Agency, Henry wore many hats and knew the ins and outs of every aspect of the business. In building lasting relationships to help his clients, it wasn't hard for Henry to get appointments with several top insurance carriers. His dedication, loyalty, and honesty made him the perfect match for any insurance company.

Henry's success in sales was a result of his dedication to service and hard work. In fact, Henry didn't even consider himself a "Salesman". In other words, he offered such a good products and serviced the client so well, that he didn't have to close a sale - it just made sense that the insured would choose Henry as his agent. Henry's favorite motto was "the harder you work, the luckier you get". Henry's specialty was "investigating and analyzing loss history and workers' compensation data, spotting coverage gaps, and fighting tooth and nail for the best insurance rates", says his son Kenneth Cerullo. In fact, "if a client's loss history didn't represent the class of business as a whole, my father would usually argue successfully for a company exception to the rule, resulting in better rates for the client."

Henry Cerullo was also asked to serve on the Agency Council for several prestiguous insurance companies, and was interviewed by various publications in connection with his insurance and bonding expertise.

Lastly, Henry gave back to the community in a big way! Henry was very involved in community groups such as the Rotary Club where he served as President (and other Rotarians referred to him as "Mr. Rotary"). Henry also served on the Board of Directors at Bergen Community College where he was instrumental in the development of the Henry & Edith Cerullo Learning Assistance Center.

At the time of his passing in February of 2007, Henry was relatively uninvolved with the daily operations of the Agency in that he had been fighting cancer for several years. That being said, Henry was thrilled that his sons and key personnel have carried on The Commercial Agency legacy, and earned recognition from both carriers and the community for their uncomprising professionalism in the insurance community.