October 14, 2019

Manufacturing and Wholesalers Insurance

Special Manufacturing/Wholesaler Programs:

IMA1028.jpgThe Commercial Agency, Inc. has special programs for various types of manufacturers and distributors/wholesalers, including but not limited to, manufacturers and wholesalers of apparel products, electronic parts, industrial machinery, plastic & rubber products, stone/clay/glass products, wood products, food products, and metal products. Eligible businesses will be well-established (5 or more years in business), exemplify pride of ownership (illlustrated by thorough quality control, exemplary housekeeping and maintenance of equipment), concern for employees (as shown by active safety programs and use of proper personal protective gear), and newer, well-constructed buildings built for the manufacturer's occupancy with modern protective safeguards. Coverages for manufacturers and distributors may include the following:

  • Property Insurance
  • Business Income coverage
  • Computers and Media
  • Consequential loss to stock and selling price valuation
  • Contractual failure to deliver the manufacturer's product
  • Equipment Breakdown coverage
  • General Liability coverage
  • Products Liability coverage
  • Broad Form Vendors coverage
  • Blanket Additional Insured
  • Product Recall Expense
  • Damage to Premises rented to the manufacturer
  • Commercial Automobile coverage
  • Workers' Compensation coverage
  • Commercial Umbrella coverage

Safety Management Value Added Services include: 

  • Workers compensation cost containment
  • Early return to work programs
  • Hazard communication programs
  • Supervisor accident investigation training
  • Safety committee assistance
  • Machine guarding assessment
  • Electrical (infrared) evaluations
  • Automatic sprinkler system assessment
  • Onsite ergomonic evaluation
  • Hearing conservation program assistance
  • Forklift safety